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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's this? Looks like a "pets only" airline has emerged! For pet friendly travel, check out Pet Airways.

I saw on the KTLA website that a new pet friendly airline is schedule to launch today. It's called "Pet Airways" and it's going to be catering to the furred and feathered set. I guess they only take cats and dogs right now, but have plans to expand to other pet species in the future. Pets are flown in the main cabin instead of the cargo hold. But before you start getting visions of dogs and cats lounging around the cabin on upholstered seats, you should know that the airway says it will provide a pet carrier if you do not have one; all pets are kenneled to provide safety of course. According to their website, pets are monitored by trained staff, who will also provide "potty" breaks. Although there are no owners permitted on board, there are several nice services offered and you can even track your best friend's progress.

It's an interesting idea to be sure. Wonderful in fact, if you have need to send your pet someplace that you're not going. Trouble is, I'm having a hard time figuring out where I might send my pet all by his or her lonesome. Now maybe the problem is that my pets and I just don't live a jet-setting lifestyle, but as I sit here writing, I can only think of a handful of times that I've known of other people to put their pets on a plane without going with them.

I do know of breeders who send animals out of state, and of people who have bought pets from out of state or even out of the country. Usually, in these situations, cost is a factor and I don't know how competitive this new airline can be. Also, can they offer enough flights to enough destinations to attract a majority of the market? I'm no financial genius, but I know that these are the issues that they'll be facing in order to "get this thing off the ground." The thing of it is, even if they are priced to attract that type of travel, I don't know that those situations will constitute enough traffic to make this idea "fly." (arghhh...sorry about that...) Anyway, I'd love to see them tackle the "pets traveling with their owners" issue, with a new and creative attitude, because I do know of many people who would welcome that. To be sure, pet air travel could use an general overhaul.

Anyway, only time will tell I guess, if this great idea will actually be sustainable. I hope it is, because in those instances when people do have to fly their pets, it can be a real nail-biter of an experience.

For the complete "scoop" you can check out the Pet Airways website by clicking on the TITLE at the TOP of this post, or you can visit the KTLA website where I first saw this information and see their link up to a video about this story at:

Maybe I'm wrong about how often people fly their dogs and cats. I'd love to get your input and hear about situations where you've shipped your pet someplace, or know of somebody else who has. Please feel free to leave your comments about this story.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cool site dedicated to green pet ideas! Check out "Raise a Green Dog."

isn't this cool? So many people (including me) are looking for ways to go green these days, and now I see there's a site that's dedicated to green products for dog and pet care.
Wow! This site has information about books, grooming products, clean up options, and even healthy, organic diets. It's got some people products too, but it's mostly geared towards "greening" up your dogs.

I'm off to take a closer look, but I'd love to hear your suggestions about "green" pet care!

To check out the "Raise a Green Dog" site, just click on the entry title.