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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"I want my dog to like..."

These are the words people often say to a professional dog trainer at the beginning of a behavior modification program. "I want my dog to like...other dogs...dog parks...kids...riding in the car... playing with a particular toy...etc." Although the specifics often change, the general idea is always the same. Basically they not only want to minize their dog's negative reation to something, but they also want their dogs to learn to like something that they currently have a strong aversion to.

I strongly believe this expectation sets you, your dog, and your dog trainer up for failure. As such, I file it under the heading of "unrealistic expectations."

Unrealistic Expectations are what my fellow trainer Laura and I focus on in our latest Doggie Dish audio podcast. We believe every pet owner should understand why it's so important to eliminate unrealistic expectations before starting a training protocol.

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